Get to Know Our Happy Place!

Hi! My name is Adelaide and I am the owner of Millie Claire. I have dreamed about opening my own boutique since I was in elementary school and at 18 years old I finally opened Millie Claire Online! I am currently 22 and graduated in May 2023 from Louisiana State University with a marketing degree and an entrepreneurship minor. After graduating, I decided to follow my ultimate dream and open a Millie Claire storefront! I wanted a welcoming, happy, bright and feel your best space! I have been working hard to make Millie Claire everything I have dreamed it would be and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do.

Take a look into the space that we hope can be as much of a happy, feel good place to you as it is to us! You can find us at 18107 Highland Rd Baton Rouge, LA!

The coziest dressing rooms

Opening day celebrations!

All the details!



Millie Claire is a boutique designed to help all people with all budgets find something they love and of course always look great! We strive to be different and have a diverse selection of clothing! Shopping with Millie Claire is a personal experience and the best place to create your dream wardrobe! We try our best to give every customer excellent service and allow them to fit into our happy place!